Carbon Fiber Goodness : The Billetus MAXX Wallet

Carbon Fiber Goodness : The Billetus MAXX Wallet.

In case you’ve ever wanted a super cool wallet, crafted from the same high tech materials used in building some of the world’s most incredible supercars right now, this is probably your lucky day. Billetus, a small company founded by Dennis Kaping in the outskirts of San Diego, has came up with probably the world’s most awesome wallet, a minimalist beauty made from exotic materials like carbon fiber, titanium and ballistic nylon.



Called the Billetus MAXX, this wallet looks as futuristic and modern as any state-of-the-art supercar out there, with the perfect balance between form and function, a bold presence and very little weight. We’re basically dealing with a slim, sleeve-type wallet, that could be the perfect accessory to keep your cash and credit cards from now on, with a central pocket and a side pocket on its both sides.

When it’s fully loaded, the Billetus MAXX wallet will be able to hold up to 15 cards and 15-20 bills easily, featuring a couple of super thin titanium plate inserts that provide RFID protection as well. This cool wallet also comes with a multi-purpose credit-card sized thing called Cardus Openus, which is probably the coolest and thinnest bottle opener you’ve ever seen, doubling up as a ruler.



Even better, the Billetus MAXX also comes with a carbon fiber money clip,  that could be used to attach a couple of bills right outside your wallet in the coolest way possible. Or you could just keep them in one of the pockets of the wallet itself… either way, it’s going to look pretty great.

With the inclusion of the Cardus Openus and the stunning carbon fiber money clip, there are several ways on how you could use this wallet and you’ll have a lot of flexibility in what you want to carry with you. If you don’t want these two, you could just buy the sleeve wallet separately.



Over the past year, Billetus has launched several different versions of this wallet, all of them featuring a superb, high gloss look and plenty of carbon fiber to impress each and everyone of us.

Credit : Billetus