Limited-Edition Pentax Nanoblock Optio NB1000 Digital Camera

Limited-Edition Pentax Nanoblock Option NB1000 Digital Camera



Move over LEGO, you have been bested by Nanoblock and Pentax with the release of the Optio NB1000 Digital Camera. The fully functional 14-megapixel digital point & shoot camera retails for $240 with four designs to choose from: The Lion, The Camouflage, The Bicycle, and The Classic Camera. You can customize the front of the camera with different sizes of the blocks, and personalize it with patterns, mini sculptures.



After releasing the Optio RS1000, Pentax now offer another camera in the Pentax Optio NB1000 which features a studded building-block faceplace design. The NB1000 camera only works with Japan’s building toys called Nanoblock.



Devised by Diablock of Kawada Toys, Nanoblock is essentially a miniature version of the hugely popular LEGO toy block, on an average half size smaller than the regular LEGO blocks. This camera can be fully customized in 3D, a fun and wacky way to fit into the growing world of 3D technology.

– 14 millions pixels
– wide-angle optical zoom 4x
– 3 inches LCD screen
– HDTV video

 Credit : Pentax Nanoblock